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Quality Is the Most Important to a Fashion Bag

Fashion BagAll the people love fashion in this day and age all over the world. They want to catch every opportunity to show off that they are fashionable than any other people and want to be the fashion leader.
Of course there are many fashionable accessories available which can meet their needs, such as scarves, key rings, sunglasses. Among these fashionable accessories, bag is the most essential ones for all the people, especially for women. You may have already noticed that almost every people carry a bag when you are hanging out in the street. And it is really strange if you find a woman without carrying a bag with her. There are many kinds of bags, such as shoulder bags, wrist bags, waist bags, duffle bags, handbags, and a lot of others you may pay attention to. Because there are so many kinds of bags and styles existent, you may feel it is difficult for you to buy a perfect one. There is no doubt that a lot of famous brand bag has high quality. However, not every people run after the celebrity bags and could afford its money. Some people do not care about what brand their bags belongs to. They just want to buy the fashionable ones. Because fashion bags are fun, affordable. Actually, besides fashion, there are many other aspects you should care when you are buying a bag. Here I would like to share you the most important thing you should consider when you decide to buy one.

The most important thing you should consider while buying a fashion bag is its quality. Bag is a kind of thing that you used frequently. Because good quality promises long, no matter it is made of leather, cloth, knitting, or nylon, the bag’s material should be high quality. Besides material, you should also make sure that its straps are firmly attached; its zips are opened and closed easily; its lining is completed. If the bag’s strap is not firm, it could be broken easily. And if a bag’s strap is broken, you could not carry it out any more. In that case, you just waste your money. Zip is also important to a bag. If zip is not easy to be open or closed, it will waste too much of your time at the crucial moment. And the most unfortunate thing is that if your zip has broken, the stuff in the bag could be stolen easily.

Whatever kind of bag you may choose, remember to check its material, strap and zip, because they are the basic assurance to a qualitative bag.

Buying wholesale handbags made of leather is a great way to get fancy accessories at a good price. However, you need to be certain that the bags you purchase are of the best possible quality or else you will just not get the desired effect from the bag. Not only will a badly made bag look unattractive but it will also not last very long. There are a few things you have to ascertain about a leather bag before you purchase it. Be sure to look for:

1. Quality of the leather: High quality leather is generally very soft and pliable. It should also be fairly smooth and free of marks or stains. If the company is charging you for full grain leather then you should expect it to be extremely smooth. Pure leather bags also have a distinctive smell. Leather that has been treated with natural dyes generally smells better than when it has been treated with artificial dyes. Bags made of bonded leather do not stay good looking for long.

2. Interior to match the exterior: The best bags are well made through and through. Therefore, you should inspect the interior of the bag to see its lining which should ideally be made of a durable material and it shouldn’t tear easily. The stitching should be done very evenly and it should be as good as the stitching on the exteriors of the bag. Be sure to watch out for any loose threads which indicate poor quality.

3. Well-made shoulder straps: These are generally weak points in any handbag and poor quality is apparent here. Badly made bags have loose and uneven stitching on the handles.

4. High quality zippers: Make sure that you run the zipper in order to check whether it works properly. It should run smoothly without getting the lining caught in it.

5. Return policy and warranty: The best manufacturers agree to take back their products in case they turn out to be defective. These companies generally are very fair in their dealings with unsatisfied customers. Needless to say, manufacturers will not take products back in case they are damaged because of the fault of the customer.

Make sure that you buy wholesale handbags from a really reliable company that will send you the products you order within the right timeframe. If you can buy your bags at very low prices then you can have plenty of attractive accessories to match your outfits.

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Tips on Choosing Kids Clothes

One of the most complicated things about purchasing kids clothes is finding the right size and style that would suit them. Unless parents are aware of their kids’ choices they won’t be able to find the right set of clothes.

Purchasing clothes for your kids is challenging as well as exciting. You need to keep a lot of things in mind when you are making your purchases. If you do not consider these factors then you may regret your decision later. While choosing kids clothes you need to ensure that they look nice and stay comfortable as well.

Your little one has a detailed and curious fashion sense. If your kid has a taste for the colourful and stylish from a very young age you would have to be very careful when buying clothes for him. The basic thumb rule is to buy simple and stylish clothes for your child. Cotton is the preferred material for your kid because some kids tend to have allergies to particular fabrics. And hence cotton is always a safe bet when you are purchasing kids clothes.

Buying branded clothes is always a better choice. They generally last longer and the quality is far superior to other regular children’s clothes. If you are buying clothes for your children invest a considerable amount of money so that you can get the very best for your child. The best part is that you can make your purchases at a cheaper rate when the auctions and sales are on.

You should always draw up a list before you embark on your shopping for your child’s clothes. This ensures that you are not repentant about any of your purchases. You should keep in mind that your kid is soon to outgrow his current size and will need bigger clothes. Therefore purchasing one size bigger will be a good move. Try to keep yourself updated about your child’s growth then you will have no problem in choosing the right size for your child.

Whether it is a shirt, pant or a dress it is always advisable that you go for bright colored clothes with designs and motifs on it. You can go for either stripes or checks if your kid is not fond of one colored clothes. There are various e-commerce sites from where one can make their purchases. The online stores offer clothes which have great color combination and stylish cuts. These clothes are designed to cater to the needs and requirements of today’s fashion conscious children.

Keeping in mind your child’s safety it is essential that you go for clothes with zipper or Velcro rather than buttons. If any specific apparel does not slip on easily then your kid might not want to wear them at all. Hence you should always purchase kids clothes that are easy to pull on and off.

When purchasing kids clothes you should try to buy a few set of clothes for all occasions. Be it party or kid’s camp your little one should always be ideally dressed for every event. So try to keep in mind certain factors while choosing your child’s clothes and you can never go wrong with your purchases.

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Tips on Wearing Age Suitable Clothing

Growing older means our clothes have to change as well. Clothing you wore when you were twelve years old will definitely be inappropriate for wearing to work. Seeing a teenage girl in her grandma’s clothing would also be funny. A key fashion rule to ensure you are dressed fabulously, no matter what your age, is to dress according to the occasion.

In essence, you now have clothes for all occasions such as weddings, funerals, for the workplace, informal and casual dressing. Some schools or workplaces have rules pertaining to appropriate attire, such as proper colors to wear, skirt lengths, the wearing of accessories and or makeup, and the proper shoes to be worn. Be familiar with the dress code and what that means, when asked to dress “casual”, “black tie”, or “semi-formal”.

By this method, you can increase your assets and lessen your not so great areas. Make sure your clothes on the good area has some details or a striking appearance. Make sure that the not so great part is as nondescript as possible.

Vibrant hues tend to appear broader while darker hues are slenderizing. If you want to elongate the body, you should choose similar colors on the top and bottom half.  Similarly, to widen the body you should choose contrasting colors.

Detect the greatest tones to wear. Try to wear colors that suit you well. Examine the coloring of your hair, eyes and complexion. It is best to look for clothing with hues that complement the colors found on your body, rather than downplay color. For brunettes with hazel eyes and a tan, pick colors that compliment your appearance like golds or browns. You should steer clear of colors that wash you out and keep them out of your closet. This way your actual glow will be exhibited and not just the color of the garments.

Try to find the middle ground between being comfortable and stylish. Figure out a balance between these, since at times one must be compromised in favor of the other.  You’ll probably find the perfect attire that will surely make you feel so confident, if you do. You do not need to follow the latest fashions because they are frequently short lived.

If you are in your thirties, have only classical styles with a couple of trendy ones. You may like to show your skin if you are young, but please remember the difference between being sexy and sleazy. Even a more mature person can still wear off-the-shoulder clothing. When you are getting older it is best to use more accessories and show less skin. Age is critical; a younger girl can get away with a miniskirt, while an older woman can pull off more jewelry. Just compare and observe what people of your age are wearing. That will guide you to a great extent to choose your wear.

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Tips For Shopping For Kids Footwear

Shopping for kids is one tumultuous job to do as all kids tend to grow really fast nowadays and it is tough for us to decide what to buy which will last long and is durable enough. So we end up shopping for new apparel and footwear especially every 3 to 4 months as they grow taller and the old shoes no longer fit them. As young kids are not aware of the fashion trends we need not spend much on the shoes but nowadays kids especially teens and pre-teenagers are also becoming brand conscious and demanding designer footwear which can make you bankrupt.

There are number of places available to go shopping for footwear for your kids. Ranging from thrifty retail outlets to huge malls one can find numerous varieties and styles. The places which offer low prices might not have the quality and durability and the footwear doesn’t lasts long and will are the choice of many shoppers as kids grow taller and these low quality economical shoes fit in the best for their requirement. However these kinds of shoes are not suitable for spots or gym classes as they can wear out easily.

If you are ready to buy your kid some expensive pair of shoes then one can check out online e-commerce sites for some good bargains. The only disadvantage here is your kid cannot try out the shoe before buying the footwear and also sometimes it may take a long time for shipping. E bay is one e- commerce site where one can find the best bargains on kid’s shoes.

One thing to be kept in mind while shopping is as your kid’s feet keep growing one should be shrewd enough to buy shoes which are one size bigger and not the exact fit. You should give them room to grow and at the same time it shouldn’t be too big and long so that your child does not trip over them and hurt himself.

For a satisfactory purchase make your child put on the pair of shoes, tell them to walk around and make sure they feel comfy in their shoes and there is enough space for growth.

If your child is very active participants in sports and is involved in other physical activities buying them a good pair of shoes will be a wise option as they last longer and one need not buy again and again and can save money in that way.

One excellent and smart way for making sure that your kid’s footwear doesn’t wear out easily is keeping a separate pair for school, sports wear and other purposes. Also keeping the shoes clean and tidy can make it last longer.

So next time you go shopping for your kid’s footwear, keeping in mind all these small and useful tips it might just save you some bucks and also get the best deal in the market. Happy shopping!

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6 Tips to Let Your Children All Glam Up For Parties

Parties are the best opportunity to let your children glam up and dress up. But it’s not that easy. Parents also need to make sure that the kid’s clothing pieces their children wear are not only chic, stylish, and fabulous; it also has to be appropriate. A lot of the trendy kid’s clothing items today either show too much skin or have inappropriate prints and designs (subtle or otherwise).

Still, despite worrying about the appropriateness of these kid’s clothing pieces, one can still highlight style and class. Here are six amazing tips that will surely turn any child into the party’s most well-dressed attendant:

1. Take note of the occasion and use this as the guide when creating a kid’s clothing ensemble. If the party is a simple outdoor get-together in a park or a garden, something simple and light would be appropriate. A sundress, for instance, goes well with tea parties and outdoor celebrations. To achieve the same effect for a slightly more formal occasion, get a jumper dress and couple it with an elegant blouse. Kid’s clothing can be simple and yet still be elegant.

2. Choose a style and stick with it. This advice works well if the child is going to a more casual party, like a toddler or pre-teen birthday party. Choose a style online or in magazines and copy the look. The key here in creating the perfect kid’s clothing is consistency. Going for the smart casual look of Hollywood star Dakota Fanning? Trade the plain shirt with a plain black (or dark colored) blouse and change the jeans to slacks or dark leggings underneath a skirt.

3. Going for the street fashion look? Mix kid’s clothing items properly. The point of street fashion is to put together popular trendy clothes that do not seem to go well together. For instance: combine a casual long sleeved black and white stripe shirt with a bright colored frilly skirt to create a mixture of femininity with a bit of childish edge.

4. Pick kid’s clothing pieces that flatter the child’s figure-but do not over-sexualize the wearer. Even kid’s clothing items today tend to go for sexy rather than conservative (this is the case of pre-teen clothes, apparently). If you want to go the opposite way, go Japanese. Current Japanese kid’s clothing trends include styles such as the vintage 70s look for boys and the Victorian-infused Lolita-style dresses for girls. This look is cute and playful, edgy and different-and appropriate.

5. Accessories can complete a look. But many parents tend to go overboard here. When choosing accessories for kid’s clothing, pick simpler items that accentuate the clothing rather than overpower it. This mistake is a fashion mishap for adults; but for children, it’s a complete and utter disaster because it will make them look older than they really are.

6. This is the kid’s party-so let the child choose. Parents should still approve of the kid’s clothing choices of the child to make sure it is appropriate for the occasion and their age. But let the child have fun. Kids can get away with anything; use this to their fashion advantage.

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How to Start a Fashion Label

Don’t ask “What am I doing” while you’re doing it, simply ask that before your doing it.

Quantity or Quality?


Do you want to be a high and Fashion Label, offering Fancy Party dresses and worked on Party-Wear? This means selling the items in a smaller quantity and for a higher price, it also means that you have to have more money to invest in actually making the clothes, because of the “naturally” higher production cost. You have to make sure to choose a Manufacturer that you’ll know can make these items in high quality so that there is no unpleasant seems that starts to rip or that the colors fade. In this case it’s unwise to be too eager to “bargain” too much on the Manufacturing price since it’s important to maintain high quality and have more expensive fabrics, greed in finding cheap fabrics making a dress out of them will results in complaints about the quality later on. Remember, being a new brand will still “in most cases” mean that you can sell your items at a higher rate because of the small set of cloths your offering and for the tailored feel.

Once again, if the price is high you have to have high quality, so missing out on that will be devastating and one bad collection can make you loose the few valuable boutiques that signed up for your clothes.

Quality in fabrics is in this case also crucial and having, for example a dress in to much “poly” would not agree with the price, choose pure silk, pure satin and don’t compromise when getting that “luxurious” feel and style. The name and the label makes a great deal in this case as well, you can’t have a brand name saying: crazy girl’s and then offer a fancy prom dress “fit for a queen”, make certain that the customers that buy the dress also get the label that states the high end brand your actually selling, like your name, that is a great one for clothes, just see Armani, or Donna Karen.


If you go for a cheap set of wear with fun details and in a more basic fabric any Manufacturer will be willing and able, finding a Manufacturer shouldn’t be a big problem unless you have specific demands that are harder to meet. Make sure that they can start off in a medium quantity and grow with you, sometimes a Manufacturer that specialize in “cheaper” clothes have a Minimum, often around 100-300 pcs per design to reach that really great price. I have found some that can be willing to work on a smaller order if the “Total Amount” is 300 pieces, witch means that it’s possible to split it up, arranging to make on top in 50 pieces and the other one on 50 and so on..

Make sure you have places to sell the items since you have to be ready to compete with bigger companies such as H&M and GANT and various chain stores, of course depending on where you are based. If the prices you’re aiming at are really low, maybe you can consider contacting Wholesalers. The profit your making will be lower per item but it doesn’t mean that you will make less money, selling heaps will probably be your goal. There is always a “middle” so painting up, high end and really “low budget” clothing doesn’t make any justice to the Industry but making a comment about it makes you decide on what scale and in witch proportions you will and maybe want to work in.

Learn your Fabrics

To be a great designer it’s a necessity to get familiar with the fabrics you want to work in, whether it’s high end clothes with a lot of different silks and georgettes, or with beading and embroidery techniques. For a more basic line find fun materials like velour and different weight of cotton. There are all sorts of weaves and prints, block or Silk prints and for ECO-get familiar with natural fibers and limitations in colors and dying. All this can be summed in a book or just by surfing the net. When making a collection, it’s important that next to every dress, pair of pants or just skirts you have a small cutting of fabric. This is will make a good reference for the Manufacturer that this is the fabric you would like, but also if there is a special wash you need or rough look to it. Attach written fabric quality beside it as well. To know your fabrics will be the base for making great collections, you will now how it falls, if it would look to heavy when lined or if it’s to thin. This confidence that you portray being a designer will make the Manufacturer feel confident when working with you and the results will come easier and the risk for misunderstandings lowered. The Manufacturer can also easier count on the price per pieces and start looking for materials straight away.

Decide the Size of Collection

A tricky part is deciding how big the collection is going to be. Since I’ve started the magic number has been 12, something that exceeds. A good size to begin with is about 10 garments, easier to focus on a few tops offered in different colors and sizes and then something to match, that will set a great foundation for both photo-shoots, catalogue so that you can show what your brand is about.

This is not strict and you don’t have to feel a need to produce more then around 5-10 different pieces but many small designers work with that number 12 witch can be good to have in mind. Once more, this is depending on how many of each designs you intend to do and what quantity the Manufacturer can handle, still keeping a reasonable price. It’s up to you, but having that in mind and to give it some thought before entering into a conversation with a Manufacturer you have to know. Also thinking ahead, how is the collection being released, Summer/Spring, how many collections/year? That is individual but you have to be ready to quickly offer a second Collection to your customers and grow from there. The worst thing that could happen is to stop in production at a beginning state, to just put one collection out and then suddenly be delayed or not simply producing. This will scare potential clients since your being portrayed as a “loose cannon”, someone that simply won’t follow up and be easy to work with. Confidence and safety in always deliver on time and show Stores that your here to stay is a must.

Just because the first collection didn’t sell, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop, no rather the opposite, fight for it and keep on getting more stuff out, stopping will just scare anyone away, that will just send out a signal that your a “loose cannon” that might have something to offer or not. Be confident even if the success doesn’t happen over night. How many fairy tails have we heard in our lives and how many comes true?

Well, if you start off by setting your goals low it will mean that a fairy tail easier comes true just by selling one item (perhaps to your mum), it doesn’t matter, small goals will keep you more motivated and happier here and now. But saying that, getting stuck in some “la la land” accepting small things like big things will at a longer perspective stop you from growing; someday you want to be bowing on that catwalk? Being in that interview or earning the big dollars, seeing and picturing that is all good, “carrot on a stick” and progress will naturally happen.

So maybe you want to do 12 items? How many of each then? If the Manufacturer offers a great deal if you produce 100 pieces of each it might be worth grabbing, but then again, uniqueness, and where are you going to sell the items? Giving a tip I would recommend you to ONLY produce a Sample Collection first. It’s a great way of testing how well you and the Manufacturer work together and also how your designs look in reality. It might actually come as a shock the first time, seeing a shirt that you been drawing on in 3 D, it could result in a good reaction but could also be a negative one, such as “it looks boring”, the print was plain and so on. Then having the samples ready you can roll up your sleeves and start searching for an Agent, and that seemed to be at least my biggest challenge.

What’s unique with your Design and the brand you’re putting up?

Ask yourself what kind of customers you want to attract and also checking out the competition.
“An example: You have a great idea for a Young Kids Collection”. What you need to think about it’s always been there and done that when it comes to most fashion, it’s like a big circle repeating itself but that doesn’t make your stuff less interesting it’s just that you have to focus on bringing something with a “ump” when you start. A signature “green line” that marks the jackets collars or a cool LOGO that goes on all chests, maybe even a garment that has something extra.

To get back to the example of the Kids Cloths, ask yourself is anyone feeling a need for more Kids Clothes or can you offer them something unique? Maybe Kids Cloths that are simply for rough plays, maybe extra easy to wash and have rougher materials.

Designing and producing Kids Clothes means that you have to start producing in a small quantity first, it’s hard gambling with amounts over 50 pieces per design. This means that your clothes are going to be more expensive since there’s a small quantity order, if you don’t have an Agent that will sell a Sample Order of yours and then take orders, anyways; the fact is that you still are fresh and the cost is going to be a little bit higher.

How do you go about selling a product similar to others for a higher price? The answer is to offer Design, you can either stand out by putting a print in a “handmade” look on the chest or just go for that designed seem or cut. It’s about building a reason for you brand, a reason and need to buy it, but before deciding that you have to be in terms with your style, represent it, believe in it and with that later on help selling it..

What are you really offering, important creating your Image?

This is linked to “Learning Your Style” and goes hand in hand with developing the brand in mind, get goals for it and treat your visions and creations like your baby, a baby that you want to see growing and finally get successful with.

Is your product unique enough or different enough? The answer is; it doesn’t have to be. It could be a great basic Cotton Basic Line, t-shirts and comfy pants; the important thing isn’t the uniqueness of the Designs but the uniqueness of the availability of it. Maybe you’re based in a small town where nothing really is on offer, just because there is a lack on a certain item it doesn’t mean that it has to be filled, it might just not be on demand. Don’t put up a “Fancy Dress” Store in such a place when it might in that case be smarter to move, follow your dream elsewhere or just adjust to the public with a twist. Just because you’re selling a pant doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, with your logo, print or cute button you can achieve uniqueness without being “over-crazy”.

A lot of designer desires to be different in such a big scale that being basic sometimes stands out. Huge shoulder pads, pearls everywhere and hair dues that would make any man run, maybe you’re just a creative person that loves the small touches. It’s enough too, don’t be scared that you are to plain or to “ordinary”, there will be a need for those clothes as well, all you have to do is adjust how you want to be promoted, having a website for example is a great thing to let other people find out about your brand, but with a basic Collection it might be harder, adjust both colors and pictures and print so that it matches the look of the clothes, and most important start building an Image! The image of your brand is going to be the answer to the question: why would people buy your brand? Simply because of the image, whether it’s ECO-Wear with a natural wibe, picture a suntanned young woman, not wearing any make-up leaning against a palm tree wearing a Natural-fiber shirt and a pair of leather sandals. Well there you go, that’s the image.

Get to know your Computer

If you are starting off with little means the computer you have will help you in promoting your brand, and having a Website or a Fashion Blog is a great way of trying out your clothes and see what people think even attract potential customers. Having a camera handy is also a plus; this is great for communicating with your chosen Manufacturer. Another tips is when receiving samples for the first time, taking a photo and then attach comments on the pictures is a great way to communicate and make your ideas simply for the Vendor making them, use the basic program paint and don’t forget to resize to photo before attaching them in the email, this is if you don’t want anything time-consuming and just simply want to mark the faults with rings and pieces of text.

Ask to get the samples in your size! This means that you can try them out and then make comments accordingly, no first sample is perfect. Programs can be added as you go depending how you like to work, but being “buddy” with your computer is the best thing. Use it like the only office you’ll need and this will not just save you time and ease work process, it will save you the office space. So, get updated with the program you might need, you can also always ask the Manufacturer how they like to work, some work receiving the pictures or sketches attached in Excel Sheets and some just basic Emails. Labels must be done in a program with special measurements and effects, could also just send a sample and they’ll probably work from that.

Size-Charts and Payment set-ups must be discussed and planned, most things is from the Manufacturer and will be given to you when you start working together, also make sure that if you start cooperating that you have the Pantone Color Chart so you both can choose color and maybe even having a double set of cuttings, a good Manufacturer thinks of those things. Being a computer Wiz is not always a birth right so there is great ways to go about setting up a Website and promoting your brand, even selling it through an online-store. Checking Fashion Blogs and getting Contacts in the business is great before setting off.

Learn how to Employ yourself and work as the Best One!

Say that you’re now sitting by the drawing board and have both the idea and the desire to create a Collection of your own; you need to hire one right? Someone who is the best you’ll know, that’s you. Yes it might seem weird thinking that way but it’s a great way to treat your business, with respect and dedication. It’s otherwise hard to be on time, work with the collection instead of following the day’s soap operas on TV and really getting some work done. I always get the most done when working under pressure. If you don’t have pressure yet, try yourself out first. Book a simply Coffee date with a friend, say a Saturday at 3 o clock, it’s for example now Tuesday, that leaves you 4 days to finish drawing the corrections that you want to have made for the Manufacturer. Make sure you’ll work to get it done, all this might be “playing around in a big box of sand” but its great just being clear that you can handle it before diving in. Please just take a few seconds and imagine the brand throughout the seasons and years so that your whole dream isn’t based on just a few drawings, it has to be more long-lasting then that and it’s also important to feel that your ideas don’t suddenly stop, why make one collection when the second one is a dry rerun? This is a great way of knowing the limits of your creativity. Try to see what makes you more inspired as well, music, a walk, flipping through the pages of a new issue of Vogue or just a quick walk in a Shopping Mall. Everything that makes you more certain of “you” as your own employee will increase your own confidence when it comes to handling deadlines and working dedicated even if not on a fixed payroll. Simply get to know yourself and imagine setting up an office at what you would need to really work well, laptop, printer, pantone pencils, drawing board, Mannequin, sewing machine and so on.

Set up a Financial Plan, Budget.

Just as a example, if you want to go to India to physically meet the Manufacturers and get a knowledge in the country’s specialties like the various local skills and quality. You’ll sure need to calculate on not just the actual goods but also flights, accommodation, food, other expenses such as transport, guides and even smaller things like maybe buying a sample shirt, something that you could use for either get inspiration or just great to show the Manufacturer to get the idea of that certain wash you want and so on. So a rough budget for what you want to do physically would be a great idea.

So, if you now have an idea let’s just start making some changes right now? Taking the step is always hard, a bit scary but I have some great tips to get your” toes wet before your whole body”.

Presume that you have a job, why don’t you just cut down the hours? Half days and the rest of the day start sketching on your collection. This means that your not in an ‘non financial spot yet and will go about it pretty safe and smooth. If you don’t have enough money to get started you can have that unpleasant talk to the bank, set up a loan (there is heaps of scholarships to be added if dedicated) or just plan ahead. Nothing is worth rushing into, just take a step at the time and make changes that doesn’t mean make it or break it, take care of your finances and play it safe. If you have the attitude of ‘no or never’ then waiting will probably be to painful and will only cause panic that everyone else is making it and your just sitting there, watching your life pass you by. So, well just jump in there and learn as you go. Mistakes are bound to be made either way or what better lesson then been there and actually have done that.

Contacts, Contacts and then Contacts

Well, I guess we all heard that before, but getting a “stable” of good useful contacts are more time consuming and much harder than it seems. If you’re “thinking” of putting up a Brand, start sourcing and talking today. This will ease things up for you, blog around, ask around and get to know some names. Locally, such as Fashion Stores near you, friends you might have in the business and don’t seclude anyone. A musician could be great knowing if your planning to have a small release party for your brand, a Photographer could help out photographing the clothes or a Tailor that are willing to make some physical samples for you.

The best or should I say the most important contact will of course be the Manufacturer, don’t forget that it could be wise to use several, send out your collection sketches and ask at least 3 Manufacturers to do samples for you, and then it’s easy to choose witch one that meets your idea and price the best. One could be good for a high-end party line; the other could be great using for a Basic one. Everyone has a preference and it would speed the production process up, using 2-3 Manufacturers working on your different lines. Well, if your are unsure just experiment getting some samples from a few and then later on just use one, since having several could also mean pretty intense work emailing and explaining your exact ideas to them all at the same time. Some people use an Agent that handles all the business between you and the Manufacturer, I personally don’t recommend using an Agent simply because it increases the production price but also risk of misunderstandings having a middle man, the charge 7-10% on the whole order and then you have to work emailing them both, it’s just as easy to find the Manufacturer yourself and then make the deal through them. Then again, there are always people that are really happy with having an Agent and it would ease things up at a certain extent like approving the order before shipment. After choosing your Manufacturer you will need someone who can get your clothes out on the market, it could be a Distribution Manager, or a clothing Agent. These Agents are gold to have and hard to find since its not popular being new and it often equals missed deadlines and unorganized as a beginner. They have to really believe in you and the ability for the brand to grow, and then build it up from scratch, so finding one will be a bit though. It’s like a moment 22, you have to have a sample-collection to show before they can decide if they want to represent you and they all dream about someone with a few years in the business. The Agents have different deals, the best is if they work commission based witch will make it better for you economically when starting up, it would be though paying all expenses up front. The Agent often have a stable with a few other designers and they all are represented on the Agents website, if your one of them it will mean free advertising and promotion through them, they book the Fashion Shows for you and will handle all the press contacts, so that end of it will be optimal. Some new designers are choosing to ‘do it’ themselves and will act as an Agent by there own witch is possible to.

So whether you prefer staying by the drawing table or heading out to the stores it’s all about spreading the word, a new dreamer is on the stage and a new brand is being showed…

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Tips on Buying Trendy Kids’ Clothes

Although buying trendy kids’ clothes can be a very fun activity do with your partner or kids, it can also be a major challenge that could very well be a good cause of stress. As with anything that involves kids, any fun-filled activity can instantly turn into a headache-inducing scenario at any time. This is especially true if you’re looking to buy kids’ trendy clothing with them tagging along. You have to understand that most kids-particularly toddlers-don’t know the first thing about what looks good on them, or what fashion trends are hot and not. And if that’s not enough, some kids are unable to tell you if they’re comfortable or not in the clothes that you’re fitting them in.

With the said, the best thing you can do is to plan your shopping activities carefully and explain to your child (or children, if you can handle taking them along with you) how you want the whole experience to go. Once that’s done, you can then proceed to buying trendy kids’ clothes, which hopefully not only makes your child look more handsome or pretty, but also gives you an image of a fashion-conscious parent.

To get you started, here are a few tips to consider when you buy kids’ trendy clothing.

Choose according to gender, season and purpose

Although they’re tempting to purchase if you want to save money, unisex clothes are definitely not in style anymore, so choose kids’ clothes which are appropriate to your child’s gender. Comfort then comes next, and this factor should be your main consideration before choosing styles. It also pays to choose clothes with an idea of which occasions and activities they should be worn to. As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to choose durable clothes that can withstand the active lifestyles of children. Here’s another tip: polyester and other wrinkle-free fabrics are your best friend.

Trendy, but safe

There’s really nothing wrong with buying trendy kids’ clothes for kids, even if some people will tell you that they go out of style too quickly. You can avoid this problem by simply buying safe choices that will still look good for many years to come. Zany outfits may look fun at first, but will you really be able to reuse them a few years from now if you plan to have more children?

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Tips to Buy Stylish Kids Shoes

Parents love to shop for their kids. But it is not that easy. A lot of things needed to be considered while shopping for kids. They need to be pampered well. From health, fashion to foods, you need to take care of everything while shopping for the kids. There are some important factors that you should consider. Every kid is special to the parents. When it comes to choosing dress for kids, you need to act wise. Children’s wardrobe needs to be designed and decorated in a special way.

Comfort factor should be given the first priority while selecting a dress or a shoe for your little one. You need to check whether the dress or shoe is offering comfort to your child. It is better to try the item before buying it. There are a number of stores that offer quality items for the children.

Affordability is an important issue that most of us consider. It is better to plan your budget before shopping. You can do better shopping for your kid if you keep in mind certain things. There are a number of children clothing brands.

Many parents consider the style factor while selecting shoe or clothes for their little ones. It is quite amazing to look at the kids wearing stylish and well-designed clothes and kids shoes. But that does not mean that you will compromise with the comfort factor. Comfort factor should be given the first priority. Today’s children are fashion conscious. They love to wear stylish dresses and shoes. You can find a number of options while looking for children’s clothes and shoes. There are many children clothing and shoe brands to choose from. You need to select one after enough consideration.

The concept of online shopping is gaining much popularity. Many people prefer to select this medium of shopping as it is quite advantageous. Online shopping allows people to shop while sitting at the comfort of their home. They can save their precious time and energy while buying things through internet shopping technology.

While purchasing any item for your child, you need to check whether it is good in quality or not. Purchasing from reputed and reliable stores is always beneficial. It is better to do some research before actually making the deal. Internet is the best place to do this research. You can read the reviews and comments of the people. It will help you to form a clear idea about the reputation of the store you are planning to opt.

There are specific shoe and dress for each particular age. While choosing clothes for toddlers, priority should be given to the comfort factor. Style is not an important issue at this age. When you are shopping for school shoes for your kid, you need to make it sure that it fits well and made of good material.

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How to Be a Fashionable Mom on a Budget

It’s easy to be a fashionable mom even when you’re on a budget. There are a few tricks that I like to use and I’ll be so kind to pass them along to you. We all know that we you become a mom, it’s hard to shop for yourself without feeling guilty, or you buy way to much because you always buy for the kids when you make a purchase for yourself. So the key is to save money, and in these days who doesn’t want to learn about saving money.

These tricks are so simple and can be used often.

1) SHOP OFF SEASONS for yourself and your children….if you can predict what size they’re growing into.

What does all this mean? Make it a habit to buy summer clothes during the winter or fall, and fall and winter clothes during the spring and summer months. Most department stores have great deals if you buy off season clothes. For example, I like to buy summer clothes in October because the clothes are normally between 60%-90% off. That’s a great deal! Not only is it a deal but you still can buy quailty clothing. I shop this way for myself, husband and our kids. But to remain in style, it’s smart to buy clothes that are timeless. The last thing you want, is to look like last years line……..that’s what we want to avoid. In order to avoid this I suggest simply to just be yourself. If you shop for what’s in style at the time….this trick my not work for you. I tend to be timeless clothes in order to wear them longer. If you buy clothes with few patterns, and mix styles up. You have to find your own unique style and this trick will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

2) Layer you clothes

Try to buy clothes that can be worn in any season. If you find a cute top but if has short sleeves, can you wear that top in the winter? Yes you can! wearing short sleeve tops in the winter becomes easy when you wear it with a cute stylish jacket or blazer. Often times you can even wear a long sleeve top underneath a short slleve top to create another look. The key is to be very creative when it comes to layering clothing. You can create so many outfits this way and be unique at the same time. I sometimes hesitate to buy off of racks that have over ten of the same item. In my mind I think “that means, nine other people are going to have this outfit.” I soon realized that this was not true, its all about how you wear the outfit, how you layer it, and what costume jewelry accompanies it. That brings me to the last tip.

3) Costume jewelry

It’s amazing how costume jewelry can change the whole appearance of an outfit. If you don’t have much money to spend on costume jewelry, you’re in luck because you don’t need much money. There are places like Claire’s and After Thoughts which are normally located in local malls, they have great sales. They always have sales with 50% off, or even 10 items for $5.00.

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Tips on Creating the Harajuku Style

The Harajuku Station district has given birth to the street fashion trend known as Harajuku style. Generally, the free form, imaginative style is most widely known around teenagers in the local area. Because of its free-form nature, Harajuku is a very hard style to explain. Some may call it extreme, the eclectic looks that are driven by the anime or manga character styles. To master the skill in wearing Harajuku style outfits, just follow these guidelines.

Bright colors are what you should start with. You may be blinded by them if you happen to be around this Tokyo area on any Sunday. Kids look like this when dressed casually, all over the country.

Match and mix. Harajuku seamlessly mixes many different styles to create new eye-catching looks. How’s this for creating your own look, wear that pink tartan skirt, and top it with a suit coat of a traditional style, or maybe some black grunge in the gothic style and pair it with accessories in sunny yellow. Your goal is to be as daring as possible by combining extremes in order to develop a lovely, yet lively, mixture.

Over the top accessories. It’s always important to remember to add your accessories when dressing, they just ‘finish’ your look ever so slightly. Accessorize with necklaces, headbands, scarves or any type of flair that will heighten your style. Dress in multiple layers. Layering lets you merge several styles into your appearance. Evaluate each layer and how they interact with each other.

Try different looks for yourself. One of the most unique aspects of style is that it is ambiguously defined and is a matter of opinion and, therefore, cannot be wrong. You can combine mini dresses and lacy bra tops and see how it looks on you. White schoolgirl socks and school shoes will provide an interesting note of innocence. Each day the look can be changed and you will still be in style. Don’t give up.

Play dress-up. Harajuku style affords you the ability to play with the styles of manga characters. You can have some fun with it even though it is not a requirement of the style. Dress appropriately after you research the character.

Enjoy yourself! Fun and flair is what this style is all about. Your wardrobe should show that you are creative and fun loving.

The style of Harajuku may appear as though the wearer grabbed a rainbow out of his or her closet. However, this not right. It takes a lot of time and effort to create this style. A unique style and look is displayed by each wearer.

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Aloha Shirt Beach Fashion Tips

Finding the perfect aloha shirt to fit your personality and have the latest beach fashion style is a challenge for many Hawaiian shirt lovers. Unless you travel to a tropical destination in the Caribbean or out in the Pacific Ocean such as Hawaii then you may have trouble discovering new styles. Luckily the internet has brought many local Hawaiian shops online so that you can find amazing selection and styles of aloha shirts.

Picking an Aloha Shirt Store

Numerous stores carry aloha shirt styles but several may not meet your expectations or over inflate the price. It is a good idea to look for stores that have been online for a while and if you can confirm they have a retail location in Hawaii then you have a much better chance of getting authenticate aloha shirts. There are a number of hawaiian clothing stores online so you shouldn’t have trouble locating one. You will also want to check that there is a customer service page with contact information; even better is a toll free number posted at the top of every page so you never have to dig for a way to reach a real person. Finally check the shipping options to make sure the shipping and handling charges are not too high. Many merchants will offer a low price on aloha shirt clothing but then charge high shipping to make up for price. Several online clothing stores offer flat rate shipping or free shipping on certain size orders; this is a good sign the company does not inflate shipping.

Aloha Shirt Styles

Once you locate a great online store for your Hawaiian shirts then you want to check out the style and size options. This is the most fun part of shopping online is browsing the different aloha shirt selections to find colors, patterns and sizes that fit your lifestyle perfect. When picking a style think about the colors that you like to wear along with what looks good on you. Next consider what occasion the new aloha shirt will be worn such as a wedding, luau, pool party, beach party or just everyday casual wear. Weddings and theme parties may dictate the aloha shirt contain certain colors or elements to fit in with the theme.

Sizing Up Aloha Shirts

One of the most important aspects of shopping online for clothing is ensuring the attire will be the right fit. You should check any online shop for sizing information so you know how to measure yourself. Usually you can take the sizing numbers and compare them to an existing shirt you have to determine the best size to fit you. If you have any concerns or are not sure about the sizing give customer service for the Hawaiian clothing store a call to confirm proper sizing. Talking to an actual person will help you make a decision and usually boosts your confidence to order from the online shop.

Arrival Day

Once your aloha shirt arrives in the mail you will be very excited and may end up acting like a kid on Christmas morning. It is common to open up the package and want to wear the shirt immediately. This is a good sign that you picked the right Hawaiian style but before you go out check the clothing for craftsmanship. You want to check that there are no loose strings or pattern abnormalities. Quality Hawaiian clothing stores only sell top of the line attire and rarely have defective merchandise. Occasionally even a great online store may accidentally send out less than perfect clothing. In this situation it is important to contact customer service immediately; usually you will get a replacement at no extra charge. Some even expedite shipping since you already waited for your shirt once. If you get any type of hassle over something not looking correct or not being the right fit you should consider getting a refund and shopping at a reputable online store for your aloha shirt and Hawaiian clothing needs.